Original Adirondack Chairs

Some of the most beloved furniture in Americana is the original Adirondack chair. These original chairs were manufactured from only 13 separate pieces of wood. This is something that really separates the modern Adirondack chair from the original. The modern chairs look like snow fences with all of their slats and extra pieces (you only need 13). The original chairs are truly unique and create a much greater sense of nostalgia and wonder than any mass-produced modern incarnation of the chair. One of the features of the original is that is was designed to sit on uneven surfaces. Have you ever used a three legged stool? The original chair uses that same theory. If you’ll notice, the back of the legs come nearly to a point creating the stability on uneven ground, that is one of the key points that makes the original Adirondack chair stand out from the rest of the crowd. Another feature that makes this chair stand out are the wide armrests. These are extremely comfortable, and very much appreciated by those who enjoy lounging in these wonderful chairs and setting their drink or book down on the oversized arms.