Adirondack Chair Plans

Adirondack chairs are familiar to everybody who has seen a cabin in the woods somewhere. Thomas Lee was the original designer of these chairs way back in 1903. His family was used as the guinea pigs to help him design and refine his new type of chair. Their feedback was invaluable. He gave the plans to his out of work carpenter friend to use to make some money during one rough winter. He took those plans got them patented. These chairs have become an icon of outdoor living.

It is the attention to detail that creates that distinct and recognizable profile. The angle of the seat to the ground and the back to the seat is what makes it such a comfortable design no matter what the surface underneath is like. these chairs are comfortable even on a slope! Swimming pools are a popular place to lounge in one of these chairs and read a book or catch some rays.

Adirondack chairs are convenient and comfortable outdoors, but they aren’t very affordable or portable. With the advent of plans, this is no longer a problem. Building your own chair is becoming a very popular trend because it makes the chair affordable as well as being a custom piece that can reflect the personality of the builder. And portability is no longer an issue since you can build it where you want it.

Plans come in varying quality levels. Some have step by step instructions. Still others contain detailed drawings. Anyone with the woodworking skills to build a chair can read the drawings easily. Building your own chair enables you to choose so many things such as the type of wood, and the type of finish. Will it be rustic, or exotic, or will it be bright and colorful. The choice is yours when you choose to build from a set of plans.